The Miracle Plant - Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Without any doubt, you must have heard about Aloe Vera's supremacy in the health and beauty world.


Aloe Vera - The Miracle Plant

The succulent plant, Aloe Vera, is from the family of Genus Aloe. You can practically find it everywhere in Mauritius as it grows in abundance owing to the tropical climate. Traditionally, Aloe Vera has been widely present in numerous medicines, Ayurvedic preparations and tonics, but is also known for its topical use.

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Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice is very dense in water, hence a great way to prevent dehydration or to rehydrate the body. As our kidneys are generally responsible for blood detox as well as to produce urine, hydration is crucial for our body.

Furthermore, to recover from heavy exercise, the body requires extra intake of liquids to be rehydrated. More fluids implies it will be easier for our body to eliminate the lactic acid buildup that results from exercising. Thus, after your next workout, drink some Aloe Vera juice instead of plain water.

Make your own Aloe vera juice


To make Aloe vera juice, you simply have to blend a medium-sized leaf, or scoop out the gel using a spoon followed by purifying it. While it might have an unpleasant bitter taste, you might easily fix that by mixing it into your shakes and smoothies.

By drinking this elixir liquid, you will do your body a favour considering its endless health benefits.

5 Other Benefits of Aloe Vera

The spiky green leaves are the gist of different industries ranging from beverages, beauty creams and diet supplements. It’s called the Miracle Plant for a reason. To help you understand the hype, we have listed 5 Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice below:

1. It is a nutritious boost

Aloe vera juice is full of nutrients which will ensure you don't have deficiency. It includes Vitamin B, C, E, minerals and folic acids. Moreover, calcium, chromium, copper, magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, selenium, sodium can also be found in small amounts. Not only that, vegetarians and vegans can benefit from the rare plant source of vitamin B-12.

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2. It helps combat Digestive issues

Consuming Aloe Vera juice daily might aid in fighting against several digestive problems counting constipation, gas, acidity and poor digestion.

3. It can prevent Stomach ulcers

Added to the digestive benefits, Aloe Vera juice might as well reduce the occurrence of stomach ulcers. The Miracle Plant has anti- inflammatory properties as it contains vitamin C.

4. It Detoxifies your body

Drinking Aloe Vera juice helps flush toxins out of the body. Early morning consumption will benefit you by cleaning the system.


5. It helps with balancing Hormonal levels

Many herbal tonics contain Aloe Vera juice, which is key in regulating hormonal imbalances. The Miracle Plant might also cure disorders related to the spleen and pancreas.