Veranda Resorts Introduces Mo Kafé


In line with its motto Deep into Mauritius, Veranda Resorts introduces a new experience valuing Mauritian creativity and know-how. It will be now on possible to savour an exclusive coffee in all hotels of the group and prepared on site by the baristas of Veranda, the Mo Kafé by Dodo Café. This coffee, which is the result of a combination of Arabica, Moka and Robusta, has been especially created for Veranda Group by Café La Fournaise. The green beans are imported from various countries, namely Ethiopia and Cameroon, are roasted in the factory located at Riche Terre before being sent to the hotels. They are crushed just before preparation to ensure a better freshness and more subtle flavours.

veranda-resorts-lance-mo-kafe (2)

Guests can also ask to the barista to customise the design on their latte according to a predetermined palette (leaf, bird, heart, etc.). Besides, once per week, a workshop on coffee is held in each hotel on the history and production of coffee.

Mo Kafé has also an environmental impact with part of the revenues given to Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. The group will also recycle the jute bags in which the coffee beans are transported in the hotels, to upcycle them in products such as shopping or beach bags.