Alouda - The Mauritian Milkshake

Nothing is better than a chilled glass of thirst-quenching Alouda on a hot summer day!

The blissful, refreshing drink is popular in Mauritius, available in the streets of the capital, or can even be made at home. Highly appreciated by Mauritians as well as tourists, the Mauritian milkshake nonetheless stems from Alouda, its Indian cousin. The dessert is served cold, and usually helps facilitate digestion after consuming spicy food.


The most preferred flavour of locals is vanilla. However, it is a versatile drink which can be customised according to your likings. If you do not like the rose scent, it can be substituted for almond essence and green colouring, or even other essences of your choice. In more recent days, newer versions can be found, such as Coffee Alouda and Chocolate Alouda.

Simple ingredients for a refreshing Alouda

Our Mauritian milkshake has amazing laxative properties, added to being an appetite suppressant. It is made using 4 main ingredients:

  • Milk
  • Agar- agar
  • Syrup
  • Basil seeds

The syrup is what determines the flavour; here you can choose between vanilla, almond or rose Alouda, the three main flavours.


In Mauritius, agar agar is widely used, be it to make jelly or other related desserts. In Alouda, it is usually crushed and added on top, or grated and mixed in thoroughly. Unlike pork gelatin, agar agar is a friendlier option for Muslims, Hindus and even vegetarians.

However, what gives our national Alouda its authenticity and uniqueness is Tookmaria, translating to Basil seeds in English. When soaked in water, the seeds swell up and add a sort of crunchiness and chewiness to the Mauritian milkshake.

Even if the traditional Alouda recipe calls for only 4 ingredients, local vendors are adding crushed ice or an ice cream scoop on top.

Where to get Alouda?


On the topic of local vendors, the best one yet would hands down be Pillay Alouda. You can find his stall in the Central Bazaar of Port Louis. Or else, you can find many other street vendors selling Alouda around the capital, mostly along la Rue Desforges. There are even shops dedicated only to selling the Mauritian Milkshake, such as Adam Alouda.

If that is still too complicated, you can go to your local supermarket and you would be likely to come across sealed bottles or cups of Alouda on the shelves. And if ever you do not feel like going out, you can make your own at home!

Check out the recipe here.