Where to have Brunch in Mauritius

Brunch in Mauritius

Brunch is for when you don’t have to set an alarm in the morning and have nowhere to go that afternoon. It’s for days when a plain piece of toast and a lacklustre cappuccino simply will not suffice. Brunch is an invitation to give yourself an occasional break from your monotonous routine and enjoy quality time with the family and friends in a refreshing setting while relishing a decadent mid-morning meal.

It can also be your much-needed hangover cure if you have been out partying the night before or an indulgent start to a long weekend. At brunch, you can take it slow and enjoy delicious menus featuring traditional breakfast favourites like pancakes, avocado toast and eggs (any style) along with a selection of fresh cold-pressed juices and freshly made brews. As your appetite grows, you can move on to heartier options like smoked salmon, roast lamb, grilled steaks, pizzas and cocktails.

Although, brunch is relatively new in Mauritius, weekend brunch spots have been popping up around the island. To help you out, here is our pick of the best places to enjoy brunch in Mauritius.

Top 5 Brunch Spots in Mauritius

1. Mugg & Bean

Mugg & Bean - Brunch in Mauritius

Whatever you are in the mood for, a breakfast classic or a new dish, you are sure to find it at Mugg & Bean. The menu ranges from well-loved classics to tasty innovative dishes inspired by world food trends.

Their coffee menu features the best coffees from around the world, sourced and prepared by experts while their pastries and sandwiches are freshly prepared, made from scratch and enjoyed in generous slices. For the health-conscious and fitness addicts, healthy smoothies and a salad bar that allows you to make your own salad with a large choice of condiments are also available.

It is the ideal place to catch up with an old friend, family member or a loved one. To go with your endless conversations, Mugg & Bean offers you bottomless hot beverages as well as a cold range including a refreshing lemonade and wildberry fizz.

2. Le Off

Le Off - Brunch in Mauritius

Le Off welcomes you in a stylish decor, composed of a rich blend of colours and a stunning swimming pool, giving off a blend of an international and tropical feel. Its poolside Sunday brunch starts at noon and continues throughout the afternoon.

The menu features a classic Eggs Benedict, club and veggie sandwiches, homemade burgers and summer salads with roast chicken and crispy bacon. Your only dilemma will be to save room for something sweet; after all, one of the specialities here is a Nutella Pizza.

Great for families, it also has its own ‘Little Off’ corner where kids can play and have fun on the climbing frame and slide while adults enjoy brunch. The soft lounge music and friendly staff are just extra touches that contribute to the warm and unique ambiance of Le Off.

3. Le Comptoir du Marché by HSN

Le Comptoir du Marché by HSN - Brunch in Mauritius

This restaurant-cafe has everything you’d expect from a quality brunch: delicious food, soft lounge music and an interior that simply tells you to sit back and relax. It is a cosy place that makes you feel as if you’re on vacation, despite being in the very heart of the city of Curepipe.

The French Chef, Gérard offers a revisited French cuisine to make Mauritians discover his favourite Parisian dishes along with other breakfast classics. On the menu, you will find American pancakes served with salad, fine slices of whole wheat bread, creamy pasta, delicious pancakes or even hearty dishes such as a beef tournedos, pan-fried scallops and salmon filet with Roquefort, pear and basil cream.

According to Gérard, the idea behind Le Comptoir du Marché by HSN is to provide a place that is more than just a restaurant; a meeting spot where people can spend a nice relaxing moment and catch up with friends in a cosy atmosphere.

4. Château Mon Désir

Château Mon Désir - Brunch in Mauritius

The colonial-style mansion is nestled in a picturesque landscape, overlooking the historical ruins of Balaclava and the Citron River.

If you are on the lookout for a luxurious brunch in an enchanting setting, the Château Mon Désir fits the bill. Along with an excellent menu, you will find cosy yet stylish décor, a warm and inviting service and a magnificent atmosphere. Relish on exquisite cuisine with international specialties, French and Indian Ocean delicacies without omitting world-class wines from its wine cellar.

5. C Beach Club

C Beach Club - Brunch in Mauritius

With the sparkling blue swimming pool enhanced by a fine white sandy beach and the turquoise lagoon in the background, the C-Beach Club offers a true islander’s brunch experience. Here time passes slowly, the food is delicious and reasonably priced, and you can be sure that you won’t leave the beach club hungry.

You can choose from an extensive buffet selection of salads, carpaccio, cold cuts, assorted cheese and breads, grilled meats and indulgent desserts as well as from the rotisserie and carving stations. There’s even a ‘Make your own Burger’ station and vegetarians too, have a large array of dishes to choose from.

Brunch in Mauritius