Recommended Mauritian Food- Snacks

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Snacks are part of a daily ritual, and in Mauritius there is no shortage.

Quick, cheap and easy to make or buy, ‘gajack’, the creole word for Mauritian snacks, is definitely something to try during your visit. The most common snacks are deep fried fritters, though other varieties of snacks exist in different flavours. You are guaranteed to find merchants and stalls along all major streets in towns and even on the beach. Served during festivals, family events, sports or just for an afternoon snack, they are usually taken with a hot cup of tea or washed down with a drink.

Quick, cheap and easy to make or buy, ‘gajack’, the creole word for Mauritian snacks, is definitely something to try during your visit

Mauritian Savoury Snacks

To get the taste of real Mauritian food, one must try the Mauritian snacks listed below.

  • Bajia - These are deep friend fritters made from a batter of besan gram flour and spring onion, similar to the Indian Pakora. It is usually enjoyed with a spicy coriander and tomato chutney.
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  • Batons/ Baguette Fromages - These snacks are cheese sticks which are traditionally made from flour, butter and grated cheddar cheese, but can be seasoned with spices and dried herbs.
  • Chana Puri - These are balls of fried batter stuffed with a chickpea mixture. When fried, these balls become soft & plump and can be found at most street stalls and vendors.
  • Du Paine Frire - A popular favourite among Mauritians, making use of the versatile Bajia batter where slices of bread are dipped and fried. This is accompanied with a spicy chutney of tomato and coriander.
  • Gateaux Bringelles - Sliced aubergines are added to batter similar to the Bajia mixture. It is deep-fried and served with a tomato chutney.
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  • Gateaux Piments - Gateau piments are also known as chili cakes/balls. They are little fried spicy balls made with split peas and chopped chilies.
  • Gateaux Pomme de Terre - These potato cakes are made from sliced potatoes dipped in a batter similar to Baija.
  • Gato Arouille - Fritters, which are made by grating taro roots and frying them until they are crispy, are known locally as gato arouille. It has a slight sweet and salty taste, combined with ginger.
  • Peanuts - Peanuts are a very popular snack in Mauritius and are often sold in small packets on most street stalls. The peanuts are either boiled or grilled.
  • Piment Cari Frire - Whole chilli peppers dipped in the Baija batter and fried. Another variation, Piment Farci, includes the chilli peppers being stuffed with meat or tuna, dipped and fried.
  • Samosas - Samosas are little pasties, traditionally filled with spicy mashed potatoes. Alternatively, you can get them also filled with fish, chicken or cheese.
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  • Sev / Moulkou - Sev is a thin, crispy, noodle-like snack made from chickpea flour and seasoned with spices - It is fried and broken into small pieces. Moulkou is a thicker variation, often pretzel shaped.