Guinness World Record for Largest Scrambled Egg broken in Mauritius

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36 000 eggs and the commitment of Inicia- this is what it took to break the previous record of the Largest Scrambled Egg at Bagatelle on October 27, 2018.

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Inicia, the largest egg producing and distribution company in Mauritius, decided to make history and break the record of the Largest Scrambled Egg. The previous record was held by a dish weighing 1 566 kg, made with about 29 096 eggs by Zaklad Pakowania Jaj Mering in Poland, 2014.

Though scrambled eggs comes off as a seemingly simple recipe, it required a lot of preparation, a hefty amount of ingredients and the assistance of over 200 people, along with 24 chefs. A giant skillet of 6m x 4m and approximately 375kgs of butter, 340L of milk, 6.8kgs of salt and 2.5kgs of pepper was added to the mixture of 36 000 eggs.

Paulina Sapinki, an official from the Guinness World Records organization supervised the process, including the 3-hour cook time.

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About 70-80% of the giant scrambled egg (7000-8000 portions) was distributed across the island to various NGOs, whilst the remaining was shared between spectators and employees of Inicia & Bagatelle.