A month of Crab delights at Yuzu, Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel

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A month of Crab delights at Yuzu Restaurant.

From the 3rd to the 29th of September, treat yourself to a variety of gourmet crab dishes, expertly prepared by our Chef, ranging from Crab Kofta scented with sugarcane, Wok-fried Chilli Crab to Thai style sautéed Crab or Crab Fai Fai Risotto.

Presenting the most luscious and versatile of seafood, the Snow Crab, sweet and delicate with a soft texture, and the Mangrove Crab, a highly sought-after quality food item, only for you to relish at Yuzu.

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The proposed a-la-carte dishes throughout the festival are as follows:


  • Perfect snow crab meat, palm kernel tartar, cucumber jelly and caviar seaweed, Mirin vinaigrette
  • Seared gyoza with crabmeat and brown water, ten years old Tobanjan sauce, kumquat marmalade and crispy.
  • Pho Bo of slightly spicy snow crab, bean sprouts and basil leaves
  • Madagascar crab duo with Asian spices, lightly smoked avocado, tip of Tobiko caviar, Gohan crunch sprinkled with calamansi oil
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Main Course:

  • Nori leaf crab tempura, Tobanjan aioli, crab maki and preserved cucumber, palm kernel salad with crab meat and white miso, crab satay, consumed it scented with ginger flower
  • Sautéed Thai-crab and jasmine rice
  • Kofta of crab meat with sugarcane, Sautéed Han Choy with garlic, O Mochi pancake, phriknampla creamy sauce
  • Fai Fai crab risotto, sautéed beans and shimeji, crunchy cabbage
  • Singaporean sautéed spicy crab and lightly toasted steamed bread
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