6 Fruits that are perfect to beat this summer!

Summer is here and what better way to beat the heat, then with some highly awaited summer fruits.

Fruits are often skipped in our daily diet, but seasonal fruits can be of great help. They come packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which can help cope with the woes the summer season brings, such as dehydration and skin issues.

Here are a few seasonal favourites to enjoy, while staying nourished.


This ripened fruit is an absolute delight during summer time. Mangos are available in almost every stall and are abundant with vitamins, fibres, potassium and even calcium. Fibre helps in reducing the cholesterol level of the body and the other nutrients found in mango helps in controlling blood pressure and heart rate. Mangoes also consist of immunity strengthening properties.

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Papaya ( Paw-Paw)

Papaya is a delectable tropical fruit which is usually eaten when ripe. It is perfect during summer time since it consists of an appropriate amount of fibre and vitamins. It has several health benefits including being rich in Vitamins A and C. Papaya also helps in proper digestion, fights against inflammation and is great for diabetes, cancer and heart diseases as well.


When we speak of summer, we speak of watermelon, since it is considered as one of the great ambassadors of the summer season. Watermelon consists of approximately 92% water, which helps in hydrating the body. It also consists of vitamins, and has high lycopene levels. Lycopene is helpful for cardiovascular health as well as for inflammation.

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Litchi is a much awaited fruit which comes right during the summer season. It comes bundled with a fistful of nutrients such as potassium which maintains sodium levels and is said to help with blood pressure levels. It’s vitamins contains antioxidant properties and thus improve immunity levels and also helps in producing red blood cells.


Also known as “ananas”, pineapple is one of the most loved tropical fruits which comes with a lot of health benefits. Aside from aiding inflammation, it also boosts the metabolism to help burn more calories and regulates hypertension. Pineapples can also be consumed as an aid in digestion and it also helps in improving blood sugar level.

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This fruit is sometime neglected because of its stiffness and seeds. But healthwise, it does offer some exceptional benefits. According to research, guava helps in improving blood sugar levels and reduces insulin resistance. It also aids women in reducing their menstrual pains. This small tropical fruit can do wonders since it helps in improving eyesight, complexion and overall health.