Table d’hôte - Mauritius

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Sample truly authentic Mauritian cuisine whilst spending time with ‘family’, listening to stories from your hosts about the past and reviving childhood memories.

Mauritian cuisine offers an eclectic variety of local & international specialties that reflect the cosmopolitan nature of the island, with influences stretching from all over the world including France, Africa, China and India. One can experience and explore the world of food with a tempting array of multi-ethnic cuisines in the various table d’hôtes around the island.

Table d’hôte literally means “host’s table” and is referred to as a table shared by guests, where a meal is served at a specific time.

The Table d’hôte experience in Mauritius

By eating at a Mauritian home (or table d’hôte), you will experience the warm hospitality of the Mauritian people and enjoy a traditional homemade meal around a communal table. Sample truly authentic Mauritian cuisine whilst spending time with ‘family’, listening to stories from your hosts about the past and reviving childhood memories. Truly a unique dining experience in the true sense of the Creole tradition.

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The experience begins as soon as you arrive at the local Mauritian home, where the host will impart their knowledge on Mauritian cooking, which largely revolves around choosing the right ingredients, all of which are handpicked from the local village markets.

The menus of table d’hôte usually include mouth-watering crayfish & prawns straight from the ocean, venison & palm heart, Creole cuisine (honey lamb with cinnamon, fish curry with an array of spices, to name but a few), and the delicate subtleties of France, India, China and Asia. After tucking into the local delicacies, which emphasize the mix of cultures present in Mauritius, you cannot help but feel like you have embarked on an exceptional voyage of cultural and culinary discovery, worthy of all senses and far beyond your initial imagination. Simply pure traditional cuisine delight!

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Hoping that your curiosity has now been sufficiently satisfied, look forward to experiencing the various charming and authentic table d’hôte set up around the island. It will be among one of the many highlights of your stay on the wonderful paradise island of Mauritius.