Choosing a Restaurant for a Business Corporate Event

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Choosing a restaurant can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it involves a business or corporate event.

If you need to dine and wine with prospective clients or business colleagues at a business lunch or dinner, you should match the venue to the style and purpose of your business function.

Whether you are going to lunch with colleagues, or to a half-yearly review with an employee in a cafe, or maybe a dinner with a very important and influential client, you should really plan ahead and choose the appropriate place for the meeting.

It is always better to visit the restaurants where you're considering to hold the event beforehand.

Tips when choosing a restaurant in Mauritius for a business event:


The restaurants has to fit your budget! It can be quite embarrassing to realise that after the meal you can’t afford it.


Ask the restaurants to send you a menu so you can evaluate your options. Choose a restaurant which offers a big variety of choices or traditional favorites (chicken, meat, seafood, fish and vegetarian), where all of your guests will find something according to their taste and preferences.

Visit the restaurant

It is always better to visit the restaurants where you're considering to hold the event beforehand. This will enable you to check the background music, the bathrooms, the seating arrangements etc.


Pick a restaurant that's easy to locate, since getting lost may lead to some tension and delays. Make sure that the restaurant is not far from your office and from the office of the person you are about to meet.

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Is there a parking lot or a valet? Consider that sometimes finding a parking space can be a serious hassle and a time spender. Particularly for lunch, convenience is the key for maximizing available time.


Make a reservation before the event. Remember to request a special area of the restaurant that fits your needs, a private booth or banquet hall if you will be hosting a large group.

Seating arrangements

Set up the seating arrangements ahead of time: facilitate access between key people, pair dining partners strategically and show respect to the top management.

A la carte or set menu

Decide whether you'll have a set meal served to all of you or have guests order a la carte. If you're putting together a special menu, you may want to ask clients or business colleagues if they have any food preferences or dislikes (you would not choose a fish and seafood restaurant, if your business date does not like fish and seafood).