5 Common Deep Frying Mistakes

Whatever your deep-fried craving may be, it is useful to avoid these common mistakes so that you can get that perfect crisp exterior and a moist interior, without it soaking up all the oil and grease or simply getting burnt. Here are 5 common deep frying mistakes for you to avoid: 1) Frying at high oil temperatures If oil temperatures are too high, your food would cook too quickly and get dry, or, you may even risk burning it on the outside, while the inside remains raw and undercooked. Frying in cooler oil, which is not hot enough will result in soggy, greasy food. It is probably worth using a deep frying thermometer or simply stick a wooden spoon in until steady bubbles form around it. 5-common-deep-frying-mistakes (1) 2) Frying too much at once If you decide to pour everything into the pan and frying it all in one go to save time, you may be ruining all your hard work of keeping the correct temperature. When you overcrowd your pan, the temperature will drastically drop and there will be no room for the food to move around and cook evenly. Opt for frying in small batches instead. 5-common-deep-frying-mistakes (2) 3) Using the wrong oil There are plenty of oils to choose from, but make sure you use the right one. Sunflower oil and canola oil are the best for frying since they have a high smoke point. Other oil alternatives, such as olive oil or avocado oils, though healthier, have a low smoke point and can add some unnecessary flavor to your food. So it’s better to stick to vegetable oils for frying. 5-common-deep-frying-mistakes (3) 4) Frying pieces that are too big Another common issue if attempting to deep fry large chunks and pieces of food. Cutting your food into half or even into small pieces can reduce it’s cooking time. But not only do smaller pieces cook faster but also ensure that it more fried evenly and thoroughly- that’s the reason why French fries and potatoes wedges work so well. 5-common-deep-frying-mistakes (4) 5) Using leftover oil A debatable issue- when to throw out used oil and use a new batch? It depends. Though oil can be reused, it can lead to food being greasier and ruins the flavor, along with it being more prone to smoking. When your oil has foam on its surface, turns dark in colour or starts smelling a bit funny, it’s probably time to throw it out. 5-common-deep-frying-mistakes (5)