Best Budget Burgers in Mauritius

There is no lack of food ideas when one is thinking about eating out in Mauritius. Burger is one of the first things that comes to mind as it’s simple, rapid and tasty.

burger in mauritius

In Mauritius, burgers are available for various budgets and taste. You can get them in various restaurants, fast-food restaurants as well as street food stalls. When choosing the right place, it will depend on several criterias like budget, specialties and of course hygiene and cleanliness (we are sure this is the priority for most).

When we talk about burgers in Mauritius, everyone will think of KFC or McDonalds but these are not the only places where you can enjoy a good burger. We are listing a few locations of tried and tested budget burgers - the ones that made it to this list are the most famous.

As we already mentioned, KFC and McDonalds are the most famous burger places around the island. And each of them have a variety of burgers for you to choose from. We will only be listing the favourites from each of the places.


Royal Deluxe

mcdo royal deluxe

We have been eating at McDo for years and probably tried all the items on the menu. We can confidently say that Royal Deluxe is one of our all time favourites. McDonalds has a 100% beef patty which makes it so mouth watering. Add to that a slice of tomato, crisp lettuce, pickles and chopped onion topped with ketchup and mayo, you have the perfect burger right here.

Spicy McChicken

spicy mcchicken

When we don’t feel like having beef, our next go to burger at McDo is the Spicy McChicken. Not as famous as the McChicken but we prefer it to the latter as it’s tastier. The chicken patty is all spiced up, covered with cheese, mayo and shredded lettuce. Just thinking about it we want to have one.



Mauritius KFC Rounder

At KFC, you get to choose between the burger or the zinger only. We’re opting for the rounder since it’s way more famous than the zinger (some people don’t like it since it's quite spicy). KFC’s rounder has a whole chicken breast in the bun which is why people like it so much, of course there are the secret herbs and spices that give it the unique taste.


Beef Oldskool

rocomamas beef oldskool

Rocomamas has the “weirdest” burgers you can think of. Even their tagline says “we’re not normal” along with a black burger which we assume some adventurous souls have tried (we would love feedback). From the few that we tasted there, we prefer the OLDSKOOL, to which we can add extras from the menu. Maybe we were a bit overwhelmed by all the options and combos that we opted for the simplest choice.

Urban Food Maker

Terrence Hill

mauritius urban food maker-terrence-hill

Mostly known for their various Nawhal’s sauces that you can add to anything that you order from their menu. Our favourite burger from Urban Food Maker is the Terrence Hill burger along with the Algerian sauce.


Classic Chicken and Cheese Burger


This is the second place where we opted for a classic burger. We guess it all comes down to taste - we usually eat what we’re used to. We're not saying the other items on the menu are not good, but there’s no beating the classic cheese burger, it’s too often our first choice.


Beef Burger

dalon burger mauritius

When there’s a choice for meat, we opt for beef first, chicken will be the next best and the rest will follow. Dalon also has venison, which is just as tasty. Some will say that the best burger ever can be found at Dalon. We have to agree that they have great food and their beef burger deserves to be on this list.

Apache Spur Steak House

Sauce Burger

apache spur burger

Spur has a wide variety of burgers for you to choose from. We tried most and really liked their Sauce Burger. It might be because we could choose from many sauces which means the burger will have a different taste depending on the sauce we choose to have. You get to choose from their Manhattan mushroom sauce, peri-peri, pepper, cheese, durky or garlic sauce.


Nandocas Choice Burger

nandocas burger mauritius

Nandos is not famous for burgers as people go there mainly for spicy grilled chicken. They do however have a few burgers that you can try. We like the Nandocas Choice Burger which is a chicken breast topped with coleslaw served on a toasted garlic roll to which you can have a few more add ons such as cheese, grilled pineapple, chilli jam or grilled black mushroom.

The Irish

Irish Burger Deluxe

the irish burger mauritius

Another burger where you have 3 meats to choose from - lamb, beef or chicken. A classic ¼ pounder burger served with caramelised onion marmalade, melted cheese topped with lettuce and tomato. Our guess, the simplicity of this one made it our favourite.

Of course, the list doesn’t have to end here. The burgers we listed are just the ones that we have tried more than once - we will surely add to this list when we try burgers at new places. Do share your favourite burgers and burger places with us.