Café LUX* takes on a sustainable approach to coffee


With 4 outlets across the island and 5 within their resorts, Café LUX* has made a name for itself on the market, with its stylish ambience and renowned quality of products. The brand has now gone a step further with a more sustainable development approach, in line with the strategy of The Lux Collective. Several actions have been taken so as to reduce waste, especially plastic, through the use of 100% biodegradable black straws, cutlery, coffee cups and covers, with the aim to completely eradicate the use of plastic in the long run, explains Dominik Ruhl, COO of The Lux Collective.

Whilst Café LUX* is one of the rare brands to roast its coffee in Mauritius, it is also actively involved in projects linked to the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United-Nations and also trades with small planters from Guatemala, Brazil and Ethiopia. In Mauritius, Café LUX* partners with Proxifresh by supplying them with the waste from roasted coffee for the cultivation of edible mushrooms.

“The environmental and social responsibility remains one of the main concerns of The Lux Collective, as shown by our Tread Lightly and Ray of Light initiatives, which highlights our commitment towards the community, people, the planet and progressive ideas. This strategy concerns our hotels as well as the Café LUX* brand”, says Vishnee Sowamber, Group Sustainability & CSR Manager of The Lux Collective.

So you can enjoy a LUX* coffee knowing that it’s not simply a cup of goodness but also one that carries with it a vision and a commitment to make the planet a better place.

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