Choosing a Restaurant for a First Date

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What should you look for when choosing the restaurant for your date?

Food is more than just fuel for our bodies, especially on a romantic date where it becomes a first impression and an ice breaker. If you would like the date to go well, then you better choose the restaurant with some thought ahead. One bad choice and you can end what might have been the beginning of a wonderful relationship. On the other hand, a really good choice of restaurant can be the first step in your joined romantic future.

Many people when choosing a place to go out for a dinner date don’t dedicate to it much attention, believing it is a simple task and of low importance. But sometimes it is difficult to choose a restaurant that suits your preferences and dislikes while also providing the ideal atmosphere for the date. One of the best ways to overcome this problem is simply asking your date where he or she would like to go to eat. This way you can agree on a place you both like beforehand.

In case your date partner does not participate in this decision and insists you will choose the restaurant, or in case you want to surprise your date, than you should follow some basic rules that will assist you in the process of choosing the restaurant for your date.

One bad choice and you can end what might have been the beginning of a wonderful relationship. On the other hand, a really good choice of restaurant can be the first step in your joined romantic future.

What should you look for when choosing the restaurant for your date?


Pick a restaurant you can afford – one which you will not have to check the cost of every item on the menu, and will not have to waste mental energy on calculating the meal cost or be stressed about it. Don’t choose a top class fancy restaurant, save those places for special occasions later during the relationship, rather than for the first date. On the other hand, don’t go to a super cheap place like a fast food joint as your date will probably think the worst of you.

A familiar place

Prefer going to a restaurant which you have already visited at least once or twice before. However, don't go to a place where everyone knows you, your date may feel uncomfortable. After the first date, feel free to try a new place . It will give you something to talk about while there.

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Food restrictions

Pick a place where both you and your date will be able to find dishes you like to eat. Make sure to ask your date before the dinner about any special food preferences or dislikes. It will show your date that you are a caring person, and you will have a positive starting point for the date. For example, you should not choose a fish and seafood restaurant, if your date doesn't like fish and seafood. Another example, even worse, is to go to a Grill and Steak house only to find out that your date is a vegetarian.

Volume of music

The restaurant should let you and your date get to know one another. A place with a very high volume of music will eliminate any possibility for conversation. On the contrary, a restaurant offering live piano or live guitar music may be perfect providing good pleasant entertainment and atmosphere.

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You and your date need privacy and quality service; bad service is destructive to romantic atmosphere and can create frustration and bad atmosphere.


The best romantic light is a candle light which allows you to see each other, but not to the extent. For romantic atmosphere try to avoid places with very strong lighting.


Ethnic cuisine and themed restaurants can make for an interesting conversation. Just be sure to check with your date, in case they aren't too fond of a particular type of cuisine.


Pick a restaurant that's easy to locate, since getting lost may lead to some unpleasant tension.

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And keep in mind that a place to eat isn't just about food - it should also be a place offering a pleasant atmosphere.

Enjoy your date and good luck!