5 Ice Cream Spots to check out in Mauritius

When it gets hot, it gets really hot! Plus the humidity during the summer time does not really make the situation any better. Not only do you feel the intense sun rays but you can also predict the constant sweat that you’ll experience from just standing outside for five minutes! So how can you avoid this from happening or at least lower the temperature of your body. Ice cream seems like a decent solution... But where are some of the places you can get ice cream in Mauritius?

Angel Berry

Angel-Berry This spot has flavors of ice cream that are simple and taste extremely delightful, but as frozen yoghurt. Found in Bagatelle or Phoenix Mall, Angel Berry is a Fro-Yo franchise will help you satisfy your ice cream needs with simplicity in choice, along with a few gourmet flavours- Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies and cream etc. Coupled up with self-service and number of toppings for you to choose from Angel Berry is a quick, easy and rather healthy solution to all your ice cream cravings.

Mamma Mia Che Gelato

mammamia Now one thing Mama Mia specialises in is gelato and variety. There is a lot of variety in the choice of ice cream that customers can select- from tiramisu to pistachio to blueberry. They even have sundaes for people who want extravagant looking ice creams as well as other cold treats including parfaits,milkshakes and other desserts. Found in Grand Baie, Port Louis and Moka, Mamma Mia will give you an authentic gelato experience.

Gourmet Pops

gourmet pops Some people prefer popsicles to ice cream. Now this is where Gourmet Pops can shine with rainbow coloured and flavoured popsicle sticks that cater to your taste buds. Gourmet Pops are made using all-natural ingredients and cater for dairy-free and vegan diets, without restricting the number of flavours you can choose . Found in Grand Baie, their popsicles will be sure to cool you down and can easily become your best friend during this time of extreme heat.

Vona Corona

vona corona Vona Corona is famed for its traditionally made ice cream and homemade flavours. It has been established for the past 90 years and still offers today the same taste that charmed so many Mauritians in the past. Though flavours were initially limited to almond and vanilla in the early years, today we can discover a wide variety including strawberry, chocolate, coffee and even fruity favourites including avocado, depending on the season.

Convenience Stores & Supermarkets

convenience store ice cream Last but surely not least are convenience stores and supermarkets. It is not always possible to get ice cream from an ice cream shop or maybe you want to keep your ice cream for later. Then these shops are your place to go. Be it Intermart, Winners, Super U or even the little convenience stores down the road, there are sure to have a selection of ice cream from all the popular international brands such as Dairy Maid, Häagen-Dazs, Magnum, Carte D’Or as well as some local gems such as Vergers Labourdonnais.