5 Foods To Try At The City Market!

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The City Market refers to one of the largest markets in Mauritius, located in Port Louis and also known as the Central Market or the Port Louis Bazaar. This huge market hosts various stalls comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as foods which are worth a try.

If you are visiting the market, there are a few common staples that should not be missed. As we all know, Dholl Puri is one of the most famous street foods in Mauritius, but besides this savoury dish, we’ve come up with more dishes that should be given a try at the City Market. These locally produced foods delight both locals & visitors and will definitely amaze your taste buds.

Farata (Roti Chaud)

Farata (also known as Indian Flat Bread), is a famous, on-the-go dish in Mauritius. These can be found almost anywhere, at street food stalls or even restaurants. The flat bread is complemented with butter bean curry (Gros Pois), a tomato based sauce ( Rougaille) and also with chutney or pickles.


Alouda, which is of Indian origin, is one of the most refreshing beverages that you must try at the City Market. Alouda is made with milk, jelly (agar-agar) for texture, basil seeds and rose, vanilla or almond syrup. Sometimes it is complemented with a scoop of ice cream on top. In order to boost your energy after a tiring day, make sure that you add enough ice to your drink.

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Dim - Sum (Boulet)

Dim-Sum, equally known as “Boulet” by the locals is a famed Chinese food, adored by many. This steamed dumpling is usually stuffed with fish, chicken, vegetables and/or shrimp. It is usually served hot and also with some green chilli chutney. Sometimes a clear broth is served along with it.

Pakora (Baja)

When having a stroll in the Port-Louis market, do stop and have some deep fried snacks. We are sure that you will be willing to buy some more. Mauritian deep fried snacks are usually made out of aubergine and potato, which are sliced, dipped in chickpea flour and finally deep-fried in hot oil. It is served hot with tomato chutney or any other sauce.

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Fresh juices

In Mauritius, fruits are cultivated and used to make fresh juices. If you’ve had a tiring day wandering around the city, just pop-in the market and grab a glass of cold tamarind juice, lemonade or orange juice. These will definitely refresh and cool you down, as well as boost your energy levels.