The Mauritian Local Cuisine

Written by Nora Gobish

The Mauritian food represents the image of the Mauritian nation, an image of a multi cultural society of ethnical richness.

The local food in Mauritius reflects this diversity and one can experience the various cultural influences when eating out in the many restaurants and street stall found all around the country.Mauritius - mauritian cuisine

In addition to the initial diversity of the Mauritian cuisine, over the past decades, the face of the restaurants industry in Mauritius changed drastically. Mauritius has changed from being a secret paradise known to small number of travelers, to a popular holiday destination and this caused a drastic change in the restaurant industry. Mauritius has developed an extensive range of hotels networks, with top class restaurants. Also, many famous chefs came from all over the world to work in these restaurants. The arrival of these chefs enriched the local cuisine even more, bringing new delicacies and new ingredients to the local traditional dishes.

Today in the hotels and also in the tourist’s centers, it is very easy to find a large variety of restaurants which offer an extensive range of different cuisines to cater everyone’s budget and taste. One can choose to eat local Mauritian food on the street for less than 1 euro or choose one of the top class restaurants.

In Mauritius, one can find restaurants offering the Mauritian and Creole food which are traditionally based mainly on the Indian cuisine, and on combinations of Indian curries and saucy Indian dishes usually served with white rice and beans.

The more modern restaurants successfully modernized the traditional Mauritian cuisine, adding international flavors and adapting it to European palates.

Today you will also find in Mauritius many restaurants that adopted one or several specific cuisines (Italian, Chinese, French etc) or field of expertise (steak, seafood etc).

When eating the Mauritian food, be aware that the traditional food is usually spicy, even though most restaurants adapted to European palates and make these dishes less spicy.


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