Kebab in Mauritius - Another Favourite Street Food

We have recently put together our list of the Top 10 Street Foods in Mauritius. We know there are quite a few yummy foods that were not listed which is why the Mauritian Kebab has an article for itself. Just thinking about it, we want to have one. A baguette, salad, onions and the famous grilled chicken! Everything needed for a perfect and complete meal.

mauritian kebab

Kebab as we call it in Mauritius is not actually what you would call a kebab elsewhere- it is instead shawarma. If you were to search for the recipe, you’d need to look up a shawarma recipe. And for serving it, you would need a french baguette instead of a wrap. This fast food has been referred to as kebab since the stalls started popping up in Mauritius. We don’t know the actual period when kebabs started getting popular but we surely know that it’s appreciated by everyone on our little island.

The Mauritian Kebab

Kebab here is essentially spit-roast (rotisserie) chicken marinated in various spices to give it that delicious taste. The chicken is later cut into thin slices and mixed with a salad and sliced onion. It is served in a french baguette along with tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and chilli if you like it hot. Tourists would probably refer to it as a shawarma sandwich but it’s been called kebab since day one here. Compared to the other street foods, kebab is relatively new but has massive success on the market. In recent years, selling points have been growing like mushrooms.


Where to get the best Kebab?

Unlike the other street foods, kebab is not available at every street corner. You will probably know where to find the best kebab on the island, Shabaan in Quatre Bornes. No one else has been able to take them down from their #1 spot. We have tried quite a few of the famous kebab locations around the island but for us Shabaan is still #1.

shabaan kebab

It’s not uncommon to find long queues there if it’s lunch time. The place has made its reputation and over the years the taste has not changed. While some might argue that service declined a bit, for us it’s the contrary. We do understand that they do have to prepare ahead for peak hours which is why some people end up with cold food. But apart from that, there’s nothing else one would be complaining about. So, if you happen to be in Quatre Bornes, do give Shabaan a try.

Prepare your kebab at home

Of course the food that we prepare at home will not taste the same as at the most famous street food stalls or at a restaurant. We do not have the same skills plus they have been preparing the same food over and over to reach this level.

But don’t despair, we have shared the Mauritian kebab recipe so you can prepare your own kebab at home without a kebab machine.

kebab at home