5 Tasty Pizza Places to try in the North of Mauritius

Pizza, pizza, pizza! Some people love it, some people tolerate it but very few hate it.

pizza places mauritius

People eat pizza when they don’t know what to eat, order pizza for parties or simply share it as a meal with friends. A flatbread topped with cheese, sauce and meat (or veg for vegetarians) has gone on to be one of the most globally recognized foods and a generally loved dish around the world- including Mauritius.

If you’re overwhelmed with the number of pizza places in Mauritius, or are new to the island and not too sure which pizza places to try out, then this list will go through some great places to taste pizza on the island.



Found in one of the most popular spots in the north of Mauritius, La Croisette, Grand Baie - Pomodoro is a great family restaurant that offers great pizza and classic Italian cuisine. They offer a wide variety of different pizzas from traditional flavours like pepperoni and hawaian pizza to special flavors like the Grand Port. There are also some pretty interesting menu items that are filling for large groups of people like the metre long pizza full of different flavors ( pizza seen below). Why have one flavor when you can have 4? Pomodoro is a great choice for quality pizza in a trendy, family setting .



Also a restaurant that sells Italian cuisine but known mainly for their pizza, Panarottis is found in nine different locations around Mauritius including Bagatelle, Cascavelle Shopping Mall and La Croisette, Grand Baie. They offer different specialty pizzas such as the San Marco fused with a tasty sweet chili sauce and also classics like margarita or chicken and mushroom. There is also a ‘half and half’ option combining two pizzas in one base meaning that those who can never decide on what flavor to buy are in for a treat.

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La Voglia Matta

voglia mata pizza

A thin crispy base and the freshest looking toppings - La Voglia Matta, also known as Chez Marco is sure to have your mouth watering at the thought of one of their pizzas. Found in Trou-aux-Biches, on the north-eastern tip of Mauritius, this restaurant is familiar to many tourists. With the beach just a few minutes away, La Voglia Matta is the ideal spot to dine with your family or you can event opt for home delivery if you fancy a late night snack. With a wide variety of pizzas to choose from, La Voglia will surely have you coming back for more of their Italian delights.

Luigi’s Italian Pizzeria and Restaurant


Found in Grand Baie, Mauritius, Luigi’s Italian Pizzeria is a well-known restaurant for its wood-oven pizzas and homemade pasta. Pizzas coming with a thin fresh base cooked in a traditional wooden oven makes the pizza taste more authentic than ever. It being owned by an Italian family means that its food is being made by Italians and this promotes the authenticity of the pizza, bringing you even closer to Italy.



Located along the Coastal Road of Grand Baie, in the north of Mauritius, S’incontru is a bit of a newcomer to the scene (open since December 2018). Both the chef and pizza chef are Italian, all the way from Sardinia, bringing you the most authentic dining experience. From the basic pizzas like margherita and focaccia to special pizzas like Sarda and Cosacca you will be able to taste Italian-Sardinian cuisine at its finest. You can choose to dine either alfresco or inside the air-conditioned, elegant restaurant.