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Roti (Flatbread) Recipe

Recipe Overview

Embedded in the local food culture, rotis have been puffing on the Mauritian tawas for decades. It is also a popular street food and accompanied by various fillings.

Recipe Ingredients

  • 4 Cup of White flour
  • 1.5 table spoon of Salt
  • Cooking oil
  • Warm water
  • 1 table spoon of Milk powder


  • Mix 1.5 table spoon of salt to 4 cups of white flour
  • Add 1 table spoon of milk powder
  • Add ¼ cup of cooking oil
  • Pour warm water gradually and mix (preferably with your hands) until you have a non sticky dough
  • Knead the dough until it becomes soft and pliable
  • Formulate sphere balls with the dough with your hand (about 5 CM Diameter)
  • Roll the balls into a flat round circle and coat with cooking oil
  • Shape into a square by bringing 1 point on the edge to the middle and repeat on the opposite sides (Refer to video timing 02:00 to 02:45)
  • Roll again to make a flat almost square shape roti
  • Heat the flat disc shape pan on medium temperature
  • Lay uncooked roti on the pan and let cook for about 30 minutes
  • Turn to the other sides and apply oil
  • Repeat step 12 for other side
  • Let cook until brown spots appear on both sides

*Steps 8 and 9 are optional but do make the roti softer.

Rotis can be accompanied with peas, beans, tomato sauce, pumpkin sautéed, vegetable curry or just with butter and a hot Mauritian tea.


Source: eMauritius