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Dhall Puri Recipe

Recipe Overview

Flour dough is stuffed with ground boiled channa dal and roasted cumin, flattened and cooked on a hot pan to make a soft, delicious yellow flat bread. Dhall puri are served has side dishes for Indian meals or as snacks with a dash of curry sauce in various street-food shops around Mauritius.

Recipe Ingredients

  • Flour
  • Bicarbonate
  • Salt
  • Yellow Dye
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Channa (gram) Dhal


  • Add ½ tsp bicarbonate and ½ tsp salt into water
  • Add color to the water
  • Mix with oil
  • Add the oil and water mixture
  • Mix until dough is fully formed
  • Shred Dhall
  • Make balls with Dhall and dough mixture
  • Flatten the dough
  • Cook on tawa on medium heat until golden brown


Source: Nu La Cuisine