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Gâteaux Coco (Crystallize Coconut Galettes) Recipe

Recipe Overview

Coconut Candy is a popular treat around the world, with each country having their own variation. These Mauritian delights are not only hard to resist but also easy to make with freshly grated coconut.

Recipe Ingredients

  • 2 small coconuts, remove shells.
  • 4 cups of granulated white sugar
  • 1¾ cups of water
  • 1 tiny drop of vanilla essence and blue food color
  • 1 tiny drop of strawberry essence and red food color


  • Wash and grate 2 small coconuts thinly
  • Add 4 cups of granulated white sugar, 1¾ cups of water and bring to boil
  • Let simmer until the syrup thickens
  • Add the fresh grated coconuts and stir a little bit
  • Let cook until the syrup is reduced and is absorbed by the coconut (The colour will be trnaslucent)
  • Divide the mixture in 3
  • Take 2 bowls, add the mixture equally
  • Add 1 tiny drop of vanilla essence and blue food colouring and mix
  • in another bow, add a tiny drop of vanilla essence and red food colouring and mix well
  • Sccop the mixture with a spoon. Make them in small galettes
  • Place them in a ceramic glass plate to set
  • Let set, it will dry up in 10 minutes and will turn out very crunchy
  • Once the cystalized coconut is set and dried, you can easily remove them